Thursday, October 13, 2011

Endless Opportunities to Exercise

Even when I'm not walking up and down the big hill to my apartment, there are so many opportunities to exercise here. From walking to the subway, catching the bus (and hanging on! once you're inside), and exploring the many areas of Seoul, my muscles have been getting a workout. I've been trying to eat healthy to get in shape. Thin is in here and the pressure to be super slim is overwhelming to Koreans here. Several teachers in my school skip breakfast and even lunch (or eat a super light meal) to stay figure perfect. For myself, being healthy is a goal-- not to be super slim.

After a meeting in a middle school the other day, I discovered a really awesome outdoor workout area. It's like an adult playground! I'm loving these outdoor workout centers. Why can't the rest of the world have these? I saw some on my trip to China earlier this year... but what about the other countries?? Seriously, it's a great idea!

Outdoor Workout Park in Seoul, Korea

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  1. Yes walking up and down the hill is also a great exercise. It makes our body warm up all the time.

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