Friday, August 26, 2011

Orientation and the Mystery Can

It was quite a long day with breakfast at 7:30 am and the last class ending at 9 pm. The staples of breakfast, lunch and dinner are rice, some soup and, of course, kimchi. It's taking me awhile to get used to kimchi. Who knows... I might end up craving it someday!

Today I had my first official day of orientation. We  discussed classroom management strategies and learned about Korean etiquette and culture. The speaker used an iceberg analogy to describe Korean culture, because much of the culture is "invisible" to outsiders. He emphasized the group mentality of Korea and that a way in to a group often requires an invitation from a group member. This insight will no doubt be helpful in establishing relationships in the school. I have two more days to go before I see my school for the first time... and my apartment. Definitely excited to find out where I'll be placed.

Time for "Guess the Can"...
So, beside the telephone is a rather innocent-looking spray can. I say, innocent, well, because it's the only can in the room. Okay, the red top may be a warning of sorts.

The Mystery Can

When I arrived yesterday, I really didn't think too much of the can. I thought it was a stain remover for your clothes or something. But, I learned today that it is, in fact, cockroach spray. I haven't seen any of those buggers yet, so hopefully that means this stuff really works. I'll keep this picture as a reference for dealing with moving things in the night.

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