Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Oh, What to Bring...

The question of what to bring is still on my mind. You read things on posts that say you should bring a year supply of deodorant with you, for it is not only expensive, but hard to find in Korea. I've also heard that if you have a favorite brand of something, you should bring that, too. Lovely, but I still need to pack for 4 seasons. Sure in Canada we get all sorts of weather-- sun, snow, rain, hail, etc.-- but it's different when you're bringing all of this stuff with you. I think I'll end up bringing what I manage to squeeze into two pieces of luggage and some carry-on.

Been busy with appointments and spending money at said appointments. Dentists and eye doctors were never cheap! Appointments-- check. Packing, however, is still on my lengthy To-Do list, as are phoning the credit card company and bank, dealing with insurance, and quite a few other things.

Here are some highlights from my adventures in the Rocky Mountains this weekend:

Hiking Trail in Kananaskis Country

Lambs! Bighorn Sheep babies
Mother Moose
Mountain Frog or Toad: The first one I've ever seen in the Rockies

A day of hiking ended with one of the interpretative programs in Kananaskis Country. The show was called, "GRRR-EASE," a musical show about bears. And, you guessed it-- bear songs to the tunes from the movie Grease with John Travolta. I love going to these shows, as you feel like you're a tourist when you're sitting with your fellow campers. Overall, the hike and show were great (minus the mosquitoes).

"GRRR-EASE"-- An educational musical about bears

Scenic panorama with big, fluffy clouds


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