Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Contract is Back

I got my contract back today :) Now the visa process can begin…

On June 10th, I sent 3 signed copies of the contract, 1 signed 9-part addenda, 2-35mmx45mm passport photos, 1 official copy of my transcripts (sealed), a notarized copy of my police check and a notarized copy of my education degree.  Luckily, these were sent off right before Canada Post went on strike and thankfully left the country before the strike started. Otherwise, who knows what would have happened… At least my passport wasn’t with this initial batch!

FedEx delivered 2 of the contracts (stamped) today. Note: the SMOE office keeps one contract for its own records. One contract will be for me to hang on to while teaching, the other will get submitted to the Korean consulate for me to apply for a E-2 visa which I will need to teach in Korea. I also received a Notice of Appointment which is to be submitted with my visa application.

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